How to Use Cannabis to Combat PMS Symptoms

There are hundreds of symptoms of PMS and every woman's symptoms are different and vary in pain and discomfort levels. It's no wonder when it's that time of the month many of us are curled into a ball sideways or sleep all day, just to avoid the pain or push through it anyway. PMS can also spike stress, depression, and anxiety. Most women experience a combination of emotional and physical discomfort during their cycle, and for some our cycle makes it difficult to get through the work or school day.
Cannabis is a great treatment for pain, appetite loss, nausea, muscle spasms, and more. PMS symptoms can also be safely and effectively treated with cannabis as well. There are many women out there who's PMS symptoms and pain cause them even more extreme pain, swelling, vomiting, or fatigue. Some extreme cases of PMS symptoms are diagnosed as Endometriosis, PCOS, or Dysmenorrhea. However using CBD or THC as a treatment method for symptoms is great alternative compared to a low dosage pain pills or a heating pad.
So why exactly does weed work well so well with periods & its symptoms?
"Research shows the main psychoactive cannabinoid in medical cannabis for PMS, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)works as a muscle relaxant," according the "Cannabis’s chemical compounds release cannabinoid receptors to engage with your brain’s natural endocannabinoids. That’s why patients regularly use cannabis products to relieve depression, anxiety, stress and pain. Many women use marijuana for PMS as an alternative to anti-depressant, prescription pain relievers and sleep aids."
Cannabis has been used to help women combat and treat physical pain for centuries. It's reported Queen Victoria used weed in the late 1800's for her menstrual pain. Articles published in the 19th and 20th century show it was common to use cannabis to treat uterine conditions, pregnancy, delivery, and PMS pain.
Today the cannabis industry has become even more popularized and women around the world have gained access to a variety of products. There are easier ways for us to find products that actually work for our PMS symptoms. Such as;
If you have yet to try any of these methods or products during your cycle I highly suggest introducing one of them into your PMS prep routine and journaling how your body reacts and feels afterwards. Last month during my cycle I was in so much discomfort I became light headed throughout my work day. It was not a fun time. That was until I had a 10MG THC + 10MG CBD edible candy and my pain floated away and I also regained my appetite. I was able to enjoy the rest of evening un-interrupted and less dizzy. I honestly don't know how I was getting through my period before without THC or CBD products.
Even if you're not in a legal state or don't or can't consume cannabis many CBD products you can legally purchase online for an affordable price. So next time you experience your monthly PMS symptoms add sometime CBD or THC infused and experience for yourself how well it combats any pain, discomfort, or anxiety.
Best Strains for PMS:
  • Sour Disel
  • Blue Dream
  • Sunset Sherbet
  • Jilly Bean